ETIS publications

Publications in 2007

Conference papers

M. Chapron
20th COLUMA, page 245-252 - 2007

G. Camara Chavez, F. Precioso, M. Cord, S. Philipp-Foliguet, A. de Albuquerque Araujo
14th International Conference on Systems, Signals and Image Processing - 2007

M.K. Nguyen, G. Fourreau, T.T. Truong, C. Driol
IEEE International Conference on Image Processing (ICIP 07) - september 2007

G. Gailliard, E. Nicollet, M. Sarlotte, F. Verdier
International Conference on Design and Test in Europe (DATE'07) - April 2007

C. Driol, M.K. Nguyen, T.T. Truong
GRETSI - sept. 2007

L. Sassatelli, D. Declercq
IEEE International Symposium on Information Theory (ISIT) - 2007

D. Nion, L. De Lathauwer
Proc. Asilomar Conf. on Signals, Systems, and Computers - Nov. 4--7 2007

V. Sans, D. Laurent, J.L Bourdon
IEEE International Conference on Sciences Of Electronic, Technologies of Information and Telecommunications - 2007

V. Sans, D. Laurent
IEEE International Conference on Digital Information Management, page 242-247 - 2007

W. Henkel, N. von Deetzen, K. Hassan, L. Sassatelli, D. Declercq
2007 IEEE Sarnoff Symposium - 2007

A. Voicila, F. Verdier, D. Declercq, M.P. Fossorier, P. Urard
ISCIT 2007 - October 2007

C. Driol, M.K. Nguyen, T.T. Truong
Proc. 7th EUROSIM on Congress Modelling and Simulation - September 2007

C. Driol, M.K. Nguyen, T.T. Truong
IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Conference - August 2007

A. Alsawah, I. Fijalkow
The 3rd workshop on Resource Allocation in Wireless Networks (RAWNET 07) - April 2007

C. Driol, M.K. Nguyen, T.T. Truong
3th EOS Topical Meeting on Advanced Optical Imaging Techniques - september 2007

A. Alsawah, I. Fijalkow
8th IEEE Workshop on Signal Processing Advances for Wireless Communications (SPAWC 07) - June 2007

A. Venkiah, C. Poulliat, D. Declercq
GRETSI - Septembre 2007