ETIS publications

Publications in 2006

Journal papers

C. Giovannangeli, Ph. Gaussier, J.-P. Banquet
International Journal of Advanced Robotic Systems, Volume 3, Number 2, page 115--124 - jun 2006

L. Kessal, N. Abel, D. Demigny
Traitement du Signal, Volume 3, Number 1, page 41-58 - 2006

B. Sayadi, S. Ataman, I. Fijalkow
EURASIP Journal on Wirelss Communications and Networking, Volume Radio Ressource 3G+ - 2006

L. De Lathauwer
SIAM J. Matrix Anal. Appl., Volume 28, Number 3, page 642--666 - 2006

H. Berry, M. Quoy
Adaptive behavior, Volume 14, page 129-137 - 2006

S. Philipp-Foliguet, L. Guigues
Traitement du Signal, Volume 23, Number 2, page 109--125 - 2006

N. Travers, T.T. Dang Ngoc, T. Liu
International Journal of Interoperability in Business Information Systems (IBIS), Volume 2 - 2006

C. Poulliat, C. Lamy-Bergot, D. Declercq, I. Fijalkow
Traitement du Signal, Volume 23, Number 5-6 - December 2006

P.-H. Gosselin, M. Cord
Pattern Recognition, Number 39, page 1839--1851 - 2006

R. Marion, R. Michel, C. Faye
IEEE Transactions on Geoscience and Remote Sensing, Volume 44, Number 6, page 1566--1574 - June 2006

Conference papers

C. Poulliat, D. Declercq
IEEE International Symposium on Information Theory (ISIT) - July 2006

G. Camara Chavez, M. Cord, F. Precioso, S. Philipp-Foliguet, A. de Albuquerque Araujo
19th Brazilian Symposium on Computer Graphics and Image, page 365--372 - 2006

M. Chapron
6th European Conference on Precision Agriculture - june 2006

S. Philipp-Foliguet, J. Gony
IPMU - july 2006

K. Prepin, M. Simon, A.-S. Mahé, A. Revel, J. Nadel
6th International conference on Epigenetic Robotics, EPIROB - 2006

M. Maillard, L. Hafemeister, Ph. Gaussier
Neurocomp06, Volume 1, page 214-217 - oct. 2006

C. Poulliat, D. Declercq
4th International Symposium on Turbo-codes and related topics - April 2006

M. Ishteva, L. De Lathauwer, S. Van Huffel
Conf. Digest 7th IMA Int. Conf. on Mathematics in Signal Processing - Dec. 18--20 2006

P. Abrial, J.-L. Starck, Y. Moudden, M. J. Fadili, J. Delabrouille
Astronomical Data Analysis IV - sept 2006

P. Abrial, J.-L. Starck, Y. Moudden, N. Aghanim, O. Forni
CMB and Physics of the Early Universe - apr 2006